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Excerpt from Secret Dreams: 

Dane reached out and threaded his fingers into her hair grasping the back of her neck and pulled her to him, crushing his lips to hers.He kissed her deep and hard, barely allowing her breath. He liked to hear the small pants that escaped her throat.

He drew her head back, deepening the kiss plunging his tongue into her warm mouth. Her body weakened with languid passion. He wrapped his arms around her the moment she would have slipped to the floor. Instead, he lowered her gently beneath him, never breaking the kiss.

 Dane left the pleasure of her mouth to place tiny nibbles on her neck and throat. She writhed beneath him. "Tell me, Annie, tell me what you want me to do. I'll do anything your heart desires."

"Undress me, Dane."

Dane reached for the buttons of her blouse, slowly revealing more flesh with each one he unfastened. His tongue and lips followed the path his fingers took.

Sliding down to the space between her breasts, he was briefly halted by her bra, then undid the front clasp and continued his kisses down across her abdomen.

He rose back up, and tugged her bra aside, revealing her full breasts. He loved the play of the amber light of the fire dancing across her skin. He grasped one golden mound in each hand, rubbing his thumbs over her nipples, enjoying the way they hardened under his strokes.

Her delight was evident by the way she arched into him. Dane took her reaction as a sign of her approval.

 Squeezing and kneading, Dane couldn’t resist lowering his mouth to one plump mound, and drew the tightened tip into his mouth, suckling and nibbling, and circling his tongue over her taut bud.

He loved the way she ran her fingers though his hair, and almost chuckled as she whimpered a protest when he switched from one breast to another. Her hands gripped his head, holding him in place. Dane delighted in how much she enjoyed his attentions, and found his own desire rising feverishly by this fact.

He slid his hand across her belly, reaching for the waistband of her jeans. He unsnapped them and slid them down her legs, removing them, along with her shoes and socks. He loved her luscious long legs and didn’t have to imagine too hard how they would feel wrapped around him as he made love to her.


The scrap of lace that was her underwear was quickly discarded in his haste to gaze at her. Dane gave himself the luxury of taking in all of her, every curve, every inch of her.

He slid his palm across her stomach once more and to the 'V' of her thighs. His gaze held hers as he slid a finger into her moist heat. Annie fell into his touch and sighed his name.

She spread her thighs to give him deeper access to her heat, as he lowered his mouth once more to her breasts. He captured her nipple and gently suckled her, answering her sighs by slipping another finger into her.

God, she was so responsive to his touch, his own body was hard with need.

"I want to taste you, Annie."

Yes," she breathed.

He slid his mouth down her stomach, his tongue tracing an erotic trail past her navel to her most secret place.

Dane used his thumbs to spread her slick flesh then stroked her with his tongue.

"Dane, please."

"Please, what?"

"I'm going to come."

He suckled her clitoris until she cried out her orgasm, clinging and bucking beneath him. He sweetly lapped at her until her tremors calmed and she relaxed with satisfaction.

He moved up alongside her and kissed her sweetly and wrapped his arms around her.

Annie DeRosa was an incredible woman--in the studio, helping him make music, arguing with him, and coming for him.


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